Killer Small Block
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5.920 seconds at 234.78mph
NZ's first 5 second small block
NZ's first 5 second Altered

Our Racing History

A bit about what we've achieved over the years

In 1995 Nigel and Johnny Alsop started racing Nigel's supercharged 355 cubic inch Chev powered Bedford van - which was still street legal and previously used for Nigel to go to and from high school each day. The van achieved much success in the Modified Street and Sportsman classes, with a best ET of 12.9 seconds @ 112.5 mph - and at the time was the fastest time for a van in New Zealand.

  • 3rd - 1995/96 South Island Champs - Modified Street class
  • 2nd - 1995/96 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Modified Street class
  • 1st - 1996/97 South Island Champs - Modified Street class
  • 1st - 1996/97 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Modified Street class
  • 1st - 1997/98 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Sportsman class
12.9 second Bedford van

In 1999 we decided that we needed to go faster - the most logical thing to do was to take the engine/trans from the Bedford and put it in something lighter and more aerodynamic. So we progressed to a 1986 Mazda RX-7. This had a tubbed rear end, 4-link rear suspension and was built to the old Street Machine class rules. In our last season campaigning the RX-7 it was housing a 780 horsepower 377 cubic inch small block Chevrolet with Dart heads, a bigger supercharger than what was on the van, and claimed the BB/Street Machine National record of 8.9 seconds @ 149 mph.

  • 3rd - 2000/01 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Pro Comp class
  • 1st - 2001/02 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Pro Comp class
  • 2001/02 PBDRC overall Pointscore winner
  • 2001/02 Ron Collett trophy winner
  • 1st - 2002/03 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Pro Comp class
  • 2002/03 Ron Collett trophy winner
  • BB/Street Machine National Record: 8.9 seconds @ 149 mph
8.9 second Mazda RX7

In 2004, after looking at an Altered it looked like a good option to us: considerably lighter than the RX7, easier to work on, and no suspension to muck around with. But we decided to do something a little different, an Altered chassis with a full body on it. With this in mind a “Pro Mod” 41 Willys Coupe body was imported from Vanishing Point Race Cars in the States, and we had a 115” wheelbase (to suit the Pro Mod body) Altered built up.

The Willys Coupe was built with the CC/Altered record in mind - at the time the record was 7.6 seconds and we thought if we could do that we’d be bloody happy. We soon got that CC/A record and lowered it to 7.41 @ 187mph, before also claiming the BB/Altered record of 7.13 @ 188mph. After the 2014 season we stepped up to a PSI 206D supercharger with a PSI large square-port injector. this immediately woke the ol’ girl up and dropped the ET’s down to a best of 6.301 @ 217.70mph - at the time that was NZ’s fastest small block, NZ’s fastest Altered, and the Willys Coupe had the following success.

  • 2nd - 2008/09 PBDRC Season Pointscore - Top Comp class
  • 2nd - 2008/09 NZ National Series - Competition class
  • 1st - 2009 Southern Nationals - Competition class
  • 2nd - 2009 NZ Nationals - Competition class
  • 2009 Nationals Best Appearing Car and Crew
  • 2nd - 2011/12 NZ National Series - Competition class
  • 2nd - 2012 NZ Nationals - Competition class
  • 2nd - 2013 NZ Nationals - Competition class
  • 1st - 2015 Nitro Shootout - Top Comp class
  • 2nd - 2015 NZDRA National Series - Competition class
  • 2nd - 2015 IHRA Spring Nationals - Competition class
  • 1st - 2015/16 IHRA National Series - Competition class
  • BB/Altered National Record: 6.301 @ 217.70mph
41 Willys Coupe 41 Willys Coupe
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