Killer Small Block
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5.920 seconds at 234.78mph
NZ's first 5 second small block
NZ's first 5 second Altered

About The Car

What it takes for a small block to run a 5 second quarter-mile

The body is a lightweight carbon fibre Top Alcohol Altered body that we got out of Australia, and the chassis is a 125 inch wheelbase chromoly Mark Williams Altered/Funny Car design, with a carbon fibre Top Alcohol rear wing from Spitzer Enterprises. It has Hoosier tyres all around - with 17.0/34.5-16 slicks and Weld Aluma Star 2.0 wheels (16" x 16" double beadlocks on the rear). An RPM Performance digital dash connects to the RPM Performance data logger, twin Simpson parachutes, and a DJ Safety onboard fire extinguisher system with two 10lb bottles.

The chassis also features a Mark Williams Modular 9" Floater Rear End - with heavy duty 3.812" bore aluminium case, 40 spline steel milled spool, 4.29 gears, lightened discs with Mark Williams calipers, and one-piece axle. Traction off the startline is aided by a single wheelie bar.

The engine is an all billet aluminium 400 cubic inch small block Chevrolet built by Marsh Motorsport and tuned by Chris (CJ) Johnston of Johnston’s Diesel Maintenance. The engine and driveline features such "goodies" as:

  • CN Blocks 2010Y (cross bolted mains) billet small block Chev
  • CP-Carrillo pistons
  • GRP "Pro Series" billet rods
  • Bryant billet blower crankshaft
  • RCD Engineering crankshaft support
  • AJPE (Alan Johnson) billet small block Chev heads
  • PAC Racing valve springs
  • Victory titanium valves
  • LSM 55mm billet roller (raised) camshaft
  • Moroso 5 stage dry sump oiling
  • PSI 206D supercharger
  • AJPE (Alan Johnson) magnesium blower manifold
  • PSI large square-port injector
  • 2.5" double-walled headers
  • RCD Engineering tall gear drive with fuel pump extension
  • RCD Engineering front drive for the Mag
  • MSD 44 AMP Mag
  • MSD Points Box
  • MSD Programmable Pro-Mag Controller
  • RPM Performance"'Pro Blower System" data logger
  • Rossler Transmissions "Terminator 6"' Powerglide
  • Neal Chance Racing Converters 10" full billet torque converter
  • DMPE billet flexplate

We’ve only had 3 meetings, and 7 full passes with the new car and she’s already done everything that we hoped for.

  • NZ’s 1st 5 second small block
  • NZ’s 1st 5 second Altered
  • TA/A National Record: 5.920 @ 234.78mph
  • The 5.920 pass also makes it the second fastest small block Altered in the world, the fastest being Mark Sheehan who ran a 5.850 @ 239.42mph in Perth, 2003
Carbon fibre Top Alcohol Altered body 400 cubic inch small block Chev Supercharged small block Chev powered Top Alcohol Altered
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